Product Design and 3D Print Manufacturing

Unique Designs

All designs are created in house!    

When you work with Cascadia 3D, you can be certain that any patterns, graphics and more - originated without purchasing or licensing from any third party, everything is made with a combination of human design, Artificial Intelligence, and all custom work has never been used before and will not be duplicated or sold in any other project.

As part of the official license when purchasing work from Cascadia 3D, you remain the owner of the model, and Cascadia 3D retains no ownership of your designs.*  

*The exception are projects where we partner with a customer in a mutual endeavor to release something together, projects when stake and equity make sense.  The majority of custom design and manufacturing orders will not fall into that category.  

Cascadia 3D is an FDM 3D Print Manufacturer in Washington State

Address :

758 Fowler St

Raymond WA 98577

Email : [email protected]

Owner / Christopher Morton

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